We invite you to join us as we apply a Mediterranean culinary approach to the terroir and food of Vancouver Island. If you already love local food and drink, we hope to deepen that love affair with the good food and wine of our locale. We follow a tradition of sourcing locally for several reasons:


Research shows that as individuals we have the greatest positive environmental impact on our locale by choosing local food and transportation. At Toscano’s we choose local because it is healthier for our community and our planet.


Buying locally means we are playing a part in growing a responsive and responsible community as we develop relationships with farmers and producers.


When we buy from producers in our community, we become part of a more sustainable local food economy.


We share the passion for local primarily because of taste. Fresh, local food simply tastes better. Research is also showing that free-range animals and organically grown vegetables are indeed more nutritious.

We know that good taste follows good community, economic, and environmental practices.

We are proud to work with the following producers:

  • Signature Oils and Vinegars

  • Natures Way Farm (berries, mixed greens)

  • Outlandish Shellfish Guild

  • Rabbit River Farms (organic free-range and free-run eggs)

  • Finest at Sea (tuna)

  • Little Qualicum Cheeseworks

  • Tannadice Farm (pork and beef)

  • Eatmore Sprouts (vegetables)

  • Pendleton Farm (herbs)

  • Island Farmhouse Poultry

  • Natural Pastures (cheese)

  • Benino Gelato (ice cream)